Kristaps Bluss breaks records and wins Prestigio EEDC at Raboscring, Hungary

27/08/2014 0:18

Kristaps Bluss wins Prestigio EEDC 2014 4th round at Raboscring Hungary.

Prestigio EEDC 4th round took place in amazing race track Raboscring Hungary. This special seasons night time event gathered thousand spectators, who watched the race live and as always they were not disappointed. Sunny weather conditions and hi level drifting during two days was brought to Raboscring in Mariapocs city.

Prestigio/Kumho drift team Kristaps Bluss and Pawel Trela arrived to this event in good mood, Kristaps leading the series and Pawel chasing TOP3 standings. Fridays practise went very well, we found best possible settings for race track and were waiting for Saturdays qualification and night time final battles.

After Saturdays warmup pilots were ready for qualification, were Kristaps took 2nd and Pawel 3rd place, pole position going to V. Marchenko from Ukraine – amazing run!!!

Step by step we got till Top4, were Kristaps went against team mate Pawel. Both pilots pushed to the limit and that took them to OMT (one more time). At 2nd battle Kristaps his leading run did well, when it came to Pawel leading run, just after initiation Pawels car went straight into the wall, because of steering problems, what Kristaps took to the finals against top qualifier Marchenko.

Both of these guys showed their best during whole weekend and they deserve to be in finals.

1st battle: Marchenko leading Kristaps chasing, both runs were so equal from both drivers that judges couldnt decide the winner, that means OMT. 2nd battle both drivers knew that they need to “push harder”. Kristaps chasing run were almost whole track next to Marchenko cars door. Then came turn for Kristaps leading run, setting the highest entry speed of that night, Marchenko tried to stay close, caused contact, lucky without big crash, cars manage to finish the track, what meant that winner of event is Kristaps!!!  

Beside this emotional victory, its worth to mention that Kristaps this seasons all four Prestigio EEDC rounds were in final battles, great result, new record set, awesome team work and strategy.

Kristaps commented on his win: “This win means a lot to me and whole team, especially in Raboscring, were I couldn’t show my best result in past 2 years. With this victory, we made big step closer to season championship title. HGK builds the best drift cars and that means a lot in motorsports!!! Thanks to all our sponsors (Prestigio, Kumho tires, Wisefab, Motul, DC shoes Latvia, SL-pro, Rota wheels, Failcrew, Energycorse, Lucky design, Cartek, EvilEmpire) all drivers, organizers, judges, marshalls to make it happen and our families for patience and understanding”