HGK participates in EEDC stage 1 - Poland

25/04/2013 7:15

The road is long. From Latvia to Poland it's about 14 hours of non-stop driving. This is our first race this season so everybody is excited and there is a little tension in the air about getting faster on the track. For all the time in Poland most of our teams attention got to the HGK newly built BMW for Harold Valdma from VAKracing team. The car has LSX MAST 7.2L, 650HP engine inside and a lot of custom made details and solutions for drifting on BMW chasis. 

 A little about Harold. He is 18 years old and he is from Estonia. Harold got to 7th place out of 60 drivers overall. If you think he is young for this sport, there was 13 years old Polish driver. Yep. 13 years old!

Kristaps didn't manage to qualify for top32 but still had some great time. We are waiting for our own car to be ready for the next event at Belarus, Minsk 2. june. This one is borrowed from "Fail Crew", big thanks to them for opportunity.

The car we made for Harold got some attention from local news. Hope to see it on many more magazine covers and news articles.

This was great experience for everybody in team and we should get ready for the next event. To chek out the overall atmosphere there are photos below. See our facebook page for some interesting stuff. http://www.facebook.com/pages/HGK-Racing-Team/146721418714088